Car-Sharing Fundamentals

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Why Car-Sharing?

Due to the COE system in Singapore, a car is a depreciating asset that will lose most of its value in 10 years. Car owners often justify their investment by driving their cars as much as they can, even to destinations that are more convenient and sensible to reach by the public transport. Despite this situation, a private car is still typically driven less than 10% of a day.

Now Singapore residents can have the best of both worlds. An affordable public transport system and a car-sharing service for trips or destinations that trains/buses and even taxis cannot serve efficiently or conveniently.

Car-sharing is a smart and affordable mobility option that is available at over 300 points in Singapore. By signing up with one of the car-sharing operators (CSO), you can enjoy the flexibility and mobility of a car at less than a fraction of the cost of car ownership and without the costs of maintenance and motor insurance.

Depending on the CSO you have signed up with, the shared vehicle must be returned to the same point or to a different one of your choice for the new BlueSG one-way car-sharing service.

Launched on 12 December 2017, BlueSG offers a new smart and affordable mobility option to all Singaporeans, complementing public transport.

BlueSG members will have access to a network of shared electric vehicles, 24/7, at self-service stations located in public housing, city centre and commercial estates around Singapore. The BlueSG service is point-to-point, which means there is no need to return the car to your starting point.

How Does It Work?

Car-sharing is a point-to-point self-drive mobility service. Registered users can access a large fleet of shared vehicles located near their homes or offices around Singapore via a smartphone app or a smartcard.

The service is 24/7, fully automated and self-service. When the need for a car arises, getting a shared car can be done within minutes and minus the normal rental agreement, deposit and prepayment of standard car rental.

It is just like having your own car without the hassles and costs of ownership. Choose from a wide range of vehicles and only pay by the minutes or hours for what you need and used.

Please refer to the respective CSOs’ websites for the usage rates and conditions.

Online Reservation

Collect & Drive

Auto Payment

Let's Get Started

1. Making a Reservation

Search and book a car of your choice using a smartphone app. Reservations can be made within a few minutes of use or days in advance.

2. Collecting the Vehicle

Car-sharing vehicles are parked near to a user’s home or office in many designated car parks. The user can unlock the vehicle using a smartcard app or with a personal smartcard.

3. Driving the Vehicle

During the reservation period, a user will just operate the vehicle just like their own car. Petrol/ electricity cost and motor insurance are included in the usage fees.

4. Returning the Vehicle

At the end of a reservation, user can return the vehicle to the same pick-up location or to a different point for the BlueSG one-way service.

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