What is Car-Sharing?
Car-sharing is designed for drivers who don't want to or need to drive a car every day. A typical car-sharing member is a public transport user and drives a car 3 to 6 times a month.

Presently, there a 2 car-sharing models in Singapore.

  1. Round-trip car-sharing service.

    This model allows a user to pick and return a shared car at the same station. Collection and return of a shared car is supported by smartphone apps or a personal access card. Charges are based on pay-per-use and distance travelled.

  2. Peer-to-peer (P2P) car-sharing service provides the similar pay-per-use flexibility as round-trip car-sharing. The shared cars are not owned by the operators but by private owners who are open to hire their cars out on weekends and public holidays for an agreed rental fee. The P2P operator acts the middle-man to facilitate the rental transactions.

Car-sharing is more convenient than car rental as it allows a registered member to use a shared car near their home or office 24/7 on pay-per-use hourly basis. There is minimal pre-use formality and paperwork. Rental payments are automatically deducted from a user's designated credit card or bank account after each use.

You will enjoy almost the same flexibility and convenience as a private car owner but with less costs and long-term hassles.

If you are keen to enjoy the benefits of car-sharing, do sign-up with one of the listed car-sharing operators as a member.

Car Club, Whizzcar and BlueSG

From August 2017, you can look forward to a one-way Electric Vehicle (EV) car-sharing service to be operated by BlueSG. The EV one-way car-sharing service will grow to 1000 EV by Year 2020.