A private car is typically driven less than 10% of the time and is parked the rest of the day. Because of our COE system, a car also is a depreciating asset that will lose most of its value in 10 years. Car owners justify their investment by driving their cars as much as they can, even to destinations that are more convenient and sensible to reach by the public transport.

Now Singapore residents can have the best of both worlds. An affordable public transport system and a car-sharing service for trips or destinations that trains/buses and even taxis cannot serve comfortably or conveniently.

Car-sharing is a smart and affordable mobility option that is available at over 200 points in Singapore. By signing up with one of the operators, you can enjoy the unlimited mobility and reach of a car at less than a fraction of the cost of private car ownership.

Choose from a wide range of conventional or electric vehicles near your home or office and use it by the minutes, hours or days. Depending on the car-sharing operators, the shared vehicle must be returned to the same point or a different one of your choice for the Electric Vehicle one-way car-sharing.

Car-sharing supports the car-lite objectives.