Owning a car is a luxury, not a necessity
By The Straits Times | 08 JUNE 2012

OIL trader David Goh, 52, supports the idea of making people pay more for a second or third car to give some sense of fairness, but he is not doing so in support of middle-class aspirations to own a car.
He actually thinks a car is a luxury - although it is one he himself can afford.
He points out that, by his estimates, car owners fork out $1,500 a month on petrol, road tax, Electronic Road Pricing charges, carpark fees and insurance.
He adds: "People say, have a special COE category for those who need one. But how do you justify who is needy?"
"Some people earning $3,000-$4,000 a month want to buy a car because they need it to transport their children to school. But it's a burden to buy one. How do you draw the line?"
He drives a three-year-old Mercedes-Benz E200, which he bought for $210,000, and lives in a corner terrace house in the Holland Road area with his wife, 49, and children aged 16 and 18.
he says: "If you own more cars, you bear an additional burden. And an average income family has to think twice about the economics before plunging into (owning a car).
"Sometimes, it's better to look at car-sharing."