BlueSG rolls out EV car-sharing in Singapore
Channel News Asia | 12 December 2016

Singapore's first electric car-sharing service rolls out with 80 vehicles
BlueSG will deploy EVs in Singapore
Channel News Asia | 20 July 2016

The Republic is set to launch a nationwide electric car-sharing programme
Singapore to launch electric vehicle car-sharing programme in 2017
Today Online News | 20 July 2016

As part of Singapore's large-scale, nationwide electric car-sharing programme to be launch in the middle of 2017.
Channel 8 News | 22 June 2015

Car-sharing does not reduce road use
The Straits Times | 29 NOV 2014

How would an electric car- sharing scheme further our ambition to be "car-lite"? In short, it does not...
A car-lite Singapore: How to get there?
The Straits Times | 27 NOV 2014

A new sustainable blueprint to guide Singapore's development over the next 15 years was launched earlier this month, to create a better home, a better environment and a better future...
Car, taxi and bus - how the costs stack up
The Straits Times | 29 JUNE 2014

"It's really hard to get a taxi," I complained to the cabby as I finally managed to hail one after 20 fruitless minutes...
Owning a car is a luxury, not a necessity
The Straits Times | 08 JUNE 2012

OIL trader David Goh, 52, supports the idea of making people pay more for a second or third car to give some sense of fairness, but he is not doing so in support of middle-class aspirations to own a car....
Transportation Sustainability Research Center Releases Carsharing Market Outlook
Transportation Sustainability Research Center | 05 DECEMBER 2012

Berkeley, December 5, 2012 – The University of California, Berkeley's Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), a leading provider of independent shared-use vehicle research, announced the release of its carsharing market outlook. Susan Shaheen and TSRC have been tracking carsharing developments worldwide since 1997. "Growth in shared-use vehicle systems continues worldwide. Developments include public bikesharing, one-way carsharing, and peer-to-peer carsharing...
CarSharing Market Overview, Analysis And Trends
Transportation Sustainability Research Center | OCTOBER 2012

As of October 2012, carsharing was operating in 27 countries and five continents, with an estimated 1,788,000 members sharing over 43,550 vehicles. Carsharing was planned in seven additional countries worldwide. North America remains the largest carsharing region in terms of membership, with 50.8% of worldwide members and 36% of all fleets deployed. Europe, which has lower member-vehicle ratios, accounts for 38.7% of members and 47.0% of fleets deployed....
Revealing the Car-Share Experience
By Auto Rental News | MARCH/APRIL 2012

Six car-sharing users reveal their reasons for joining a car-share service, how they use them and how they deal with issues such as parking, availability and time management. As they expand from urban areas and college campuses, car-sharing services such as Zipcar, Hertz On Demand and Enterprise's WeCar are evolving to form partnerships with city governments and the corporate world. But is car-sharing for everyone? These six car sharers, from professionals to university students, reveal their experiences on how they coordinate car-sharing with other forms of transportation...
Demand for Car-Sharing up during Lunar New Year
By Channel News Asia | 23 JANUARY 2012

SINGAPORE: Rental car companies are not the only ones enjoying good business during the Lunar New Year. As many cars in the rental market have been fully booked, some Singaporeans are turning to car-sharing during the festive season. The roaring demand has translated into one car-sharing company enjoying up to a 30 per cent increase in business compared to the same period last year while others in the industry have seen 15 to 20 per cent increase...
Cash Rebates For Car-Share Members
By The Straits Times | 19 AUGUST 2003

INCOME'S six-year-old car-sharing scheme will have a surplus of about $1 million by the end of this year, and its members can expect their first cash rebate soon. For a venture that started in 1997 amid public skepticism, that is not half bad. Mr Lai Meng, who is in charge of Income's non-insurance businesses, said the cooperative will decide how much to distribute to its 3,400 or so members at an annual general meeting. He indicated that 40 to 60 per cent of it could be paid out...
Car-Share Operators Plan Ad Blitz
By The Business Times | 27 June 2003

SINGAPORE'S four car-share operators will launch a joint advertising campaign to promote car-sharing. The operators - NTUC Income Car Co-op, CitySpeed, Honda Diracc and WhizzCar - aim to create awareness of car-sharing through newspaper ads and TV and radio commercials....
Gee Whizz More Car-Sharing Options
By The Straits Times | 10 May 2003

A FOURTH player has entered the car-sharing business here.WhizzCar, which started in January, has already roped in more than 100 members. 'Our target for May and June is to recruit another 300 to 400 members when we expand to another eight locations.' says Ms Gina Yao, marketing manager of Popular Rent A Car which is behind WhizzCar....
NTUC Income's Car-Sharing Scheme Is Gaining Popularity And Other Companies Are Trying To Cash In As Well
By The Straits Times | 08 March 2002

Her car used to cost her more than $1,000 a month to run. She had to make car-loan payments, and pay for petrol, insurance and road tax. And most of the time, the Flat was just parked. Now, for only $150 a month, Madam Goh Cheen Cheen, 38, still gets a car to drive when she needs it...
NTUC To Extend Car Co-op Scheme

'We have to recognise that no matter how efficient the bus or MRT are, there are occasions when we need the door-to-door mobility of the car, but do not want the hassles or the high cost of car ownership.' - Communications Minister Mah Bow Tan...
Car-Sharing Scheme Receives Good Response
By The Straits Times | 31 AUGUST 1997

They are members of the first car co-operative scheme car pool launched by NTUC Income earlier this month. Mr Toh, who does not own a year, said yesterday that the scheme would make family outings a lot easier. He said: "Now, I can take my family to hard-to-reach places where taxis won't go, such as reservoirs."...
INCOME Launches First Car Cooperative Project In Toh Yi
By The Business Times | 18 AUGUST 1997

INSURER NTUC INCOME, which launched its maiden car cooperative project yesterday, expects to replicate the scheme in several parts of Singapore soon. "We'll set up a national registry in about three months' time to find out where demand is greatest." INCOME chief executive Tan Kin Lian said yesterday in Toh Yi Estate...
Car-Sharing Co-Op To Start At Two Estates
By The Straits Times | 10 FEBRUARY 1997

Singapore will have its first car-sharing cooperative in May, in a move aimed at letting more people drive a car without having to buy one. NTUC INCOME will spend about $1.5 million to start the car-sharing cooperative along the lines of those found in Germany, Switzerland and Britain, and the first to have it may...