How Car-Sharing Works?
Car-sharing is an innovative transportation concept in today's urban living. It allows the user to have the freedom of accessing a fleet of vehicles located throughout Singapore, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Together with public transport, the car-sharing service is helping the people to meet their transportation needs in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes from reserving to collecting a car-sharing vehicle and the whole process is automated and it is self-service just like having your own car. Depending on the travelling needs, the user can choose different types of vehicles and just pay for what they use (time and mileage). Please refer to the respective car-sharing service providers for their usage rates.

1. Making a Reservation

Users can make a reservation online and they can instant confirmation on the availability of the vehicles.  Depending on the user’s needs, reservation can be made with a few minute notice or days in advance.

2. Collecting the Car-Sharing Vehicle

Car-sharing vehicles are normally parked near to user’s home or office in designated car park spaces.  The user can unlock the vehicle using their assigned keyfob/smartcard and collect the vehicle key.

3. Driving the Vehicle

During the reservation period, the users will just operate the vehicle just like their own car.  For example in between trips, the user just lock and unlock the vehicle door using the key. 

4. Returning the Vehicle

When they are finished, they can need to return the vehicle back to the same location where they have collected the vehicle.  The trip usage are automatically recorded and the user can view their usage record online.

5. Payment

The invoice is generated and payment will be made through GIRO or credit card depending on the car-sharing service providers.